RollerCoaster 2000

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Here you can download different binary and source code versions of RollerCoaster2000, and new tracks as well.

If you are courageous and create a new track, you can send it to me and I will put it on this page. Bug reports are also welcome.

Rollercoaster tracks

rc2k.trk rc2k screenshot This one is the default track. You probably don't want this file as it is already included in each archive.
freestyle.trk freestyle screenshot I call this one freestyle because it's not made of straight lines and right angles like the default track.
Midnight_madness.trk Midnight madness screenshot This awesome track called Midnight Madness has been created by Kevin Ellis.
Hangtime2.trk Hangtime screenshot Second version of this terrific track made by Ken Ives. The name of the track says it all.
QuadraPhase.trk QuadraPhase screenshot A crazy track created by Ken Ives. Will you resist the 12 loops.
DevilsTower.trk DevilsTower screenshot Yet another great track by Ken Ives. Despite the short lift hill at the top of the tower, this track is very fast. It features a nice tunnel effect.
DizzyButterfly.trk DizzyButterfly screenshot A nice butterfly-shaped track created by Justin Barrett with 2 tunnels and a very good narrowing spring.
speedy_loops.trk speedy_loops screenshot A great long track made by Stoeps with a quadruple loop.
WildeMaus.trk WildeMaus screenshot Justin Barrett designed this nice track based on the wild mouse coaster model. It follows the tradition of wild mice with sharp s-turns at the top level, and small hills at the bottom.
WildeMaus2.trk WildeMaus2 screenshot Justin made this WildeMaus2 somewhat wilder than WildeMaus!
Brainstorm.trk Brainstorm screenshot Ken Ives is the author of this crazy track. This one is very compact, and it last so long. The corners are particularly complex.
SunnyWE.trk SunnyWE screenshot The week end I made this track, the weather was fine, hence its name.
millenium.trk millenium screenshot Track made by Bert and modelled after the Millenium Force rollercoaster at Cedar Point, Ohio, USA.
KarmicRelief.trk KarmicRelief screenshot Karmic Relief is another very good long track made by Ken Ives.
Hypotron.trk Hypotron screenshot Gerhard Brunthaler made this excellent track. It is built from mathematical equations, which give it beautiful symmetry. The very nice mathematical shape is particularly visible on this blueprint provided by the author.

Windows screensaver (203779 bytes)
This binary archive contains the RollerCoaster 2000 Screen Saver for windows.
This saver doesn't support the stereo option. It doesn't need GLUT. This archive also includes a description of the "trk" file format.
An other version of the screen saver is available, which provides a resolution setting. This one is not a standard windows screen saver and may cause problem with some configuration. However it seems to run ok with the nvidia opengl driver. So if you find that the standard version is not smooth enough, you can try this one and set a smaller screen resolution than your desktop : (203372 bytes) (235506 bytes)
This archive contains the RollerCoaster 2000 Screen Saver for windows source code. It can be compiled with the lcc-win32 C compiler. It also includes a Makefile that should work with Visual C++. This source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
The source code for the non standard version (which doesn't make use of the scrnsave.lib library) is also available : (236901 bytes)

Portable version

rollercoaster-1.1.0-src.tar.gz (184650 bytes)
This archive contains source code for RollerCoaster 2000. It requires GLUT 3.7. It can be compiled under linux or windows. This version support stereoscopic display, and CAVE display mode. The CAVE mode has been implemented by Rodrigo Damazio ( who compiled and tested it on a SGI system. This source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
This archive also includes a description of the "trk" file format. A "trk" text file defines a rollercoaster track, so anybody can create new tracks. I particularly appreciate feedback for the stereo option as I don't have a stereo display device. (187346 bytes)
This is the compiled version for windows, so you do not have to compile it yourself. But you still need GLUT dll.

Mac OS X screensaver

RollerCoaster2000.dmg.sit (212728 bytes)
This archive contains the RollerCoaster 2000 Screen Saver for Mac OS X. This port has been made by Etienne Petitjean. You can contact him at (remove NOSPAM) for any question related to this port.
RollerCoaster2000sources.sit (401856 bytes)
This archive contains the source code of the RollerCoaster 2000 screensaver ported to Mac OS X by Etienne Petitjean. This source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Linux xscreensaver patch

rollercoaster-1.0.0-src+ss.diff.gz (23858 bytes)
This patch has been made by Marcelo E. Magallon. It turns RollerCoaster 2000 into a graphics hack for xscreensaver under Linux. Check the information about applying the patch, compiling, and installing given HERE.