A front-end for Xmame


ppfe2 is a front-end for the xmame emulator written in perl. It make use of gtk2-perl, the perl bindings for the Gtk+ 2 graphical toolkit. This front-end is made to be small and simple. It doesn't need any specific configuration file and dynamically scan the rompath each time it is launched. It is not feature full and only displays the list of available games with a screenshot of the selected game, and can launch the emulator thanks to a magical "Play" button.



Download either the uncompressed or the gzipped file above. Modify the emulator variable at the top of ppfe2.pl if you use something different from xmame.x11. Make sure the rompath is correctly set in your xmame rc file, as well as the snapshot_directory. The front-end will look in those folder for the roms and snapshots files. You should also make sure all your favorite options are set in the xmame rc file, because the front-end doesn't give xmame any specific option but the name of the rom to load. Also, if it's not already the case, set execution permission on the script with chmod +x ppfe2.pl. Then you can launch it from a shell with ./ppfe2.pl


small screenshot